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For over 15 years, we have been Southern California’s trusted leader in seismic retrofitting and reinforcement services. At RM 1 Construction, our mission is to ensure the safety and durability of your structures, providing top-quality solutions to protect your homes for years to come.

At RM1 Construction, we know that a stable foundation is crucial for both the longevity of your property and your family’s safety. We offer a free site inspection, complete with vivid pictures to identify potential damages. Our inspections empower homeowners with insights to make informed decisions about necessary repairs and improvements, ensuring peace of mind.

In seismic-prone areas, like ours, seismic retrofitting and engineering reinforcement are vital. Our services focus on fortifying your structure to withstand earthquakes and protect your loved ones. We have the expertise to ensure your home’s structural integrity, providing the strength and resilience needed to face environmental challenges.

Foundation Repair in Los Angeles CA

You can initiate your own assessment of your home’s foundation by inspecting visible signs such as cracks in walls, uneven floors, misaligned doors or windows, and gaps between walls and the ceiling. However, it’s essential to note that professionals bring advanced tools and expertise to uncover hidden structural vulnerabilities and evaluate soil conditions, ensuring a more comprehensive understanding and tailored solutions for your home.

A Tradition of Building Trust

"In earthquake-prone Los Angeles, they exceeded my expectations with their professional seismic retrofitting services. They made the process smooth and efficient, and I now recommend them to all my neighbors."
Maria R. - Long Beach, CA
"Living in the Los Angeles, earthquake readiness is crucial. RM1 Construction conducted a thorough assessment and expertly retrofitted my home, making me feel much safer."
David L. - Woodland hills, CA
"After a free rough inspection, the company provided top-notch seismic retrofitting for my Burbank home. Their dedication to safety in the Los Angeles area is commendable, and I can sleep soundly knowing my property is protected."
Linda G. - Los Angeles, CA

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