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At RM1 Construction, we believe that every home should have a strong foundation as its cornerstone. While we have ambitious plans for expansion and diversification in the construction industry, our primary focus is on ensuring the safety and resilience of your home.

We understand that a beautiful roof and stunning paint can enhance your property’s aesthetics, but without a solid foundation, these upgrades are incomplete. Our team is dedicated to providing the most critical upgrade of all – the assurance that your home is built to withstand the test of time and unforeseen challenges.

Our commitment to safeguarding your investments is the driving force behind everything we do. While we have grand aspirations to broaden our construction services, our ultimate goal remains unchanged: to ensure that every house is safe and secure.

Come be a part of our mission to fortify your home and community, ensuring a future where you can flourish with confidence in your resilient foundation.

"We've partnered with others for years, but now it's our moment to lead the charge in our crusade for safer, more resilient homes."
Shaul Ravits - President

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Shaul Ravitz


Laarni De Leon

Chief Operating Officer

Mark Pacifico

Production Manager

Monnix De Leon

Marketing Manager

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