About RM1 Construction


RM1 is a Construction Company that mainly focuses providing the best quality in terms of materials and customer relationships. We are a one of kind company that aims to provide a unique and remarkable experience for everybody.

We have a broad selection of services that are available for all budgets, and all different situations. Contact one of our seismic retrofitting specialist by giving our office a call to set up a free onsite inspection and estimate.

Meet the Owner

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Why RM1 Excels

RM1 Construction is owned and operated by a Los Angeles local that wanted to fill in the lack of foundation and construction expertise in the county. With over a decade of experience, we offer high-quality services of foundation repair and seismic retrofitting. Our clients have come to us as their one-stop-shop for all their construction needs and met all their expectations. Our customer service representatives will direct you to the appropriate team member in the Los Angeles area.