ADU Garage Conversion

Your One-Stop Garage Conversion Service at RM1 Construction

RM1 Construction excels in ADU garage conversions, which convert 2 car garage into living space and not only ensures you can have more space, but also helps to add value to your property! Our company's vision is to provide homeowners with a better option than a traditional garage conversion, and at a fraction of the cost - that's why we specialize in ADU garage conversions. 

Convert your garage into a living space, perfect for millennials looking for their first home, seniors who want to stay in their home longer, or anyone who wants more privacy and room to do things. You can turn your single-car garage into a two-car garage, create a rental property for extra income, or add on to your existing home with another bedroom or bath. Our team is happy to help you determine the best option for your home.

We don't stop at just garage conversions. RM1 Construction offers a wide range of services, such as bathroom remodeling, home retrofitting, backyard remodeling and much more! Want to learn more? Want to find out how much you can save on your next project? Schedule a consultation with one of our ADU garage conversion specialists! Give us a call or send us an email and we'll be in contact with you ASAP!

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