Welcome to RM#1 Construction!

Welcome to RM#1 Construction

Are you tired of that same old room in your home? Are you worried that your house is not earthquake-resistant? Do you want to change or remodel the appearance of your house? Maybe a new kitchen or bathroom? Well, today is your lucky day! RM#1 Construction can do that and more!

Get to Know Us!

Located in Los Angeles, RM#1 is a Construction Company that mainly focuses on providing the best quality in terms of materials and customer relationships. We are a one-of-a-kind company that aims to provide a unique and remarkable experience for everybody.

We are a family-run company with strong values and ethics that are built into every job we perform. You can trust our workmanship to provide years of quality service that will hold up against the elements. There is no job too large or too small when it comes to RM1 Construction. We are dedicated to providing a quality service at a fair price.

Bathroom RemodelWhy Choose Us?

RM1 Construction is owned and operated by a Los Angeles local that wanted to fill in the lack of foundation and construction expertise in the county. With over a decade of experience, we offer high-quality services of foundation repair and seismic retrofitting. Our clients have come to us as their one-stop shop for all their construction needs and met all their expectations.

We have a broad selection of services that are available for all needs, scenarios, and of course, budget. Stop stressing over how you are going to repair or remodel those areas in your home, we've got you covered! You can come to us and tell us what you need and our team of experts will make sure you receive what you wanted at the best price.

Serving the Los Angeles area and surrounding cities. We stand behind our products and services by offering unparalleled value for money. Our pricing is on par with the competition while our workmanship is second to none. We offer competitive pricing and fast service times so you can get the best with the least time investment.

RM#1 Construction company offers everything you need and more! Now you don’t have to worry about calling many contractors to do different jobs because our company can take care of everything. What are you waiting for?

Visit our website or contact us and get a free estimate!

John Deere Leasing

As a Construction company, we know that the basis of running successfully a construction business is having the right equipment to fulfill the job, like the John Deere equipment in our case. However, that kind of equipment can be a significant and expensive investment for any construction company and we didn’t have the funds to cover it. With that being said, we weren’t sure what to do or where to go at first since we couldn’t allow decreasing the level of our service due to the absence of the required equipment, but then we found Equipment Financings who helped us with the John Deere leasing equipment we required.

And today we want to talk a little more about the type of financing option they offered us and how was the whole process so more companies like us can get a closer look and apply for this opportunity too.

We must admit that we were a little confused at the beginning since we have never done this and weren’t familiar with the idea, but Equipment Financings made sure that all those worries went away as soon as we contacted them. They not only made the application process simple and quick, but they also guided us through it, set up a simple payment plan, and supplied free financing reports. They explained everything to us and gave us peace of mind by assuring us that we were in experts’ hands.

We worked together and decided that the best option for us was the John Deere leasing equipment. This is because equipment leases are typically less expensive than equipment loans, and you won't have to pay any upfront fees as you would with a loan. However, you must ensure that you can pay the monthly fee and that you use the equipment regularly. This option can sometimes be a little risky but not when you work with a reliable company as we did with Equipment Financings.

We couldn’t be more grateful for this; it made a significant difference to our service and that’s why we fully recommend Equipment Financings to any company that is looking for John Deere leasing or any other kind of equipment. We are sure they will bring excellent service and guide you step by step until you are satisfied with their personalized leasing solution, just as they did with us. Trust us, you won’t regret it!