Engineer Reinforcement

Protect your Home from the "Big One"

Living in California, earthquakes are prone to happen more than you're even aware of. Homes built before 1940 require proper earthquake retrofitting to maintain the overall safety of the home. For homes built later than 1980 it is still highly suggested to ensure your home is earthquake retrofit compliant. Ensuring your home is Earthquake Retrofit compliant not only ensures the safety of you and your home but also ensures the safety of surrounding homes or buildings. 

The Northridge earthquake that hit Los Angeles county in 1994 offered an alarming amount of evidence to homeowners on how vulnerable a multitude of different types of buildings are to collapse from major shaking. Since 1994 dozens of cities have opted to encourage earthquake retrofitting, also known as seismic retrofitting to your home to ensure the safety of your home's overall structure and surrounding homes. 

Ensuring your home is earthquake retrofit compliant not only helps eliminate the potential hazard of your home crumbling during a large Earthquake but also keeps the peace of mind. Submit a form below or give our office a call to speak with an Earthquake Retrofitting specialist to schedule a free onsite estiamte and inspection. 

A U.S. Geological Survey simulation of a magnitude 7.8 earthquake in Southern California said 50 brittle concrete buildings housing 7,500 people could completely or partially collapse, and five high-rise steel buildings — of a type known to be seismically vulnerable — holding 5,000 people could completely collapse.

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