RM1 Construction

Promote Home Safety
& Earn Money

Are you passionate about home safety and seismic resilience? Want to earn extra cash effortlessly? Our retrofitting and reinforcement business is excited to introduce our Referral Program that rewards you for making a positive impact in your community!

How it Works

Step 1:

Show your commitment to safety by placing our eye-catching poster in front of your house. We’ll pay you $50 upfront just for spreading the word about our services.


Step 2:

Know someone who’s considering retrofitting their home? Connect them with us! For every successful sale or referral, you provide, we’ll reward you with $500. Your recommendation could help others protect their investments and loved ones.

Step 3:

Spread the safety message further by getting someone else to display our poster. When they join our program, you’ll receive an additional $50 as a token of our appreciation.

Step 4:

Congratulations, you have reached the final step in your journey with us. Whether you are prepared to engage our services, embark on an earning opportunity through our Referral Program, or seek answers to your questions, we value the time you’ve invested in exploring the range of services and opportunities we offer. Your commitment to safety and your interest in our offerings are highly appreciated