Foundation Repair

If there are cracks in your foundation or need specific repairs regarding your homes foundation, RM1 Construction is here to help. Call our office for a free onsite estimate for our team to assess the damages. 

Earthquake Retrofitting

Southern California sits so close to the San Andreas fault line, with the Earth's crust is constantly moving its important to be prepared with earthquake retrofitting to ensure the safety to avoid potential damages. 

Crawl Space Repair

There are multiple reasons why you may be in need of repairs in the crawl space below your home, whether there was a flood, foundation or structural damage to your home it's important to address it quickly.

Seismic Retrofitting

Was your home built before the year 1980? Odds are you are in need of seismic retrofitting to ensure the future of your homes overall safety. Homes built before 1940 are especially at risk. Don't wait before its too late. 

See how RM #1 Construction can prepare your home and securing its safety by submitting a form or giving us a call.